Mint a gated NFT Beta

Flashmint lets buy and sell spots on NFT presale allowlists.
If you have an NFT that others can use as a mintpass, you can charge people a fee to mint with it.
If you want to mint an NFT that uses one of these NFTs as part of their allowlist, you can get started below.

Ready to ⚡️Flashmint:

The community has submitted some projects you can mint.
  • Available

    Token 3247 of 0xD9c0...f05d

    Used 0 times
    Usage fee: 0.2 eth

  • Used 0 times
    Usage fee: 0.1 eth

Other WL spots:

  • WL Address 0x76cF...45Eb

    Fee: 0.2 eth

    Used 0 times

    Suggested Mints: Froyoverse

  • WL Address 0xacA3...1d3C

    Fee: 1.0 eth

    Used 0 times

    Suggested Mints: [Not provided]


Get paid for others to use your WL spot by depositing an NFT or making a fresh address.

I own an NFT and don't spend all day monitoring discords.

If you own an NFT that's sometimes used for presales / WLs, you can make it available for others to use on Flashmint. You'll be able to set a fee for others to pay you for use. You can withdraw whenever you want, and you'll be issued an LP token that looks like a clone of your deposit. You can also still reserve WLs for yourself while it stays in a Flashmint vault.

I can get discord WL spots

If you're a discord farmoooor you can get paid for your WL spots. Create a fresh address with Flashmint, and give it to the discord mods for the WL. You can choose a fee that others will pay you to mint with it. They won't get charged unless they're able to actually mint.